Sabtu, 01 November 2014

Web-Hosting Made Easy And Sustainable The most affordable way to run a blog network is through SEO hosting, which provides you many unique C Class IPs at very low price. Frankly, just before March this year I would normally have recommended anyone to SEO-host all their blogs, but after all those deindexations of blog networks I would recommend to mix SEO-hosting with normal shared-hosting for your blog network especially as it gets larger. I know, many of you might be thinking that normal hosting just costs too much compared to SEO-hosting, but the thing is, to make things look natural and avoid a large “SEO-hosting” footprints, I truly believe this is essential. However, there is a way to minimize the cost a bit. That is to follow the ratio of 80:20 (or 90:10 if you want), which means after every 8 blogs that use SEO-hosting, the next 2 blogs will be using normal shared-hosting. Also, you can host 3 (at maximum) blogs on each shared-hosting account, which further minimize the cost (a bit). Here is a SEO Hosting that I would recommend for you to start with:  SwitchSEO ( You can’t go wrong with any of these 2 and as your blog network gets larger, I highly recommend you to spread your blog hosting with more different hosting providers. *Note: If in the future your blog network grows larger and you need more reliable hosting, feel free to pm me with your transaction # and I’ll recommend you some of the exact hosting I use. Once you order your hosting package, you’ll be provided with the NameServers needed to be set up for your domain. Then just follow the screenshot above to set up your NameServers. *Note: Stay away from Hostgator’s SEO-hosting, most blog networks that were deindexed use their hosting service.

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